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Play is important, but play without responsibility will make children dissatisifed with life now and unqualified citizens later. Below is a list of chores to choose from that children 4+ can accomplish in moderation. Rotation, variety, rewards, working together and lots of teaching, encouragement and play in between will make chores a family activity!

Unitedly and prayerfully the father and mother should bear the grave responsibility of guiding their children aright. It is chiefly upon the mother that the work of child training devolves, but the father should not become so absorbed in business life or in the study of books that he cannot take time to study the natures and necessities of his children. He should help in devising ways by which they may be kept busy in useful labor agreeable to their varying dispositions. (CT 127.4)

Fathers "should devise ways by which they may be kept busy in useful labor agreeable to their individual dispositions. It is a great mistake to allow young men to grow up without learning some trade. To the parents of ancient Israel God gave a positive command that every child should learn a trade. The carelessness of parents in neglecting to furnish employment to their children has resulted in untold evil, imperiling the lives of many youth, and sadly crippling their usefulness" (RH, September 8, 1904 par. 7).