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Origin of Evil Angels


   Angels and the Unseen Conflict - Vesta Mansell
   Battle For the Mind, The - Rosenvold
   Bible Verses About Satan and Evil Angels
   Bible Verses About Satan and the Devil
   Characteristics of Demons - Steve Wohlburg
   Did God Create the Devil? - Amazing Facts
   Eunice Saved from Satan - Wayd
   Great Controversy 31 Agency of Evil Spirits - EGW
   Ministry of Angels, Fall of Heavenly Angels, The
   Rebellious Prince, The, Storacles of Prophecy - Amazing Facts
   Satan's Many Names
   Slaying the Dragon, Amazing Adventure Bible Study Guide - Amazing Facts
   Spiritual Gifts, The Fall of Satan - EGW
   Story of Redemption Chapters 1 and 3 Fall of Lucifer, Consequences of Rebellion - EGW
   Understanding the Occult