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Source of Main Topics

In the early 1900's, a book was published with the name, How to Give Bible Readings. This book contained a series of Bible lessons called Brief Bible Readings for Busy People on vital topics a person should learn before being baptized. These topics, from this series of Bible readings, are the source of the main topics of this site:

  1. Word of God
  2. Prophecy of Daniel 2
  3. Second Coming of Christ
  4. Signs of Christ's Coming
  5. Milennium
  6. Destiny of the Wicked
  7. Home of the Saved
  8. Daniel 7 and the Little Horn
  9. Christ Our High Priest
  10. The Investigative Judgment
  11. The Law and the Gospel
  12. Sabbath
  13. Sabbath of the New Testament
  14. Origin of Sunday Observance
  15. Origin of Evil Angels
  16. Good Angels; Their Work
  17. Nature of Man and State of the Dead
  18. Spiritualism
  19. Controversy Between Christ and Satan
  20. Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast
  21. The Christian's Duty
  22. Jesus Saves the Lost
  23. Faith
  24. Ordinances of the Church
  25. Precious Promises; Tithes and Offerings
  26. Body Temple
  27. Acceptable Prayer
  28. Work of the Holy Spirit