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The Prophecy of Daniel 2

"Nothing more definitely distinguishes us as a denomination than our belief that the prophetic portions of the Bible are intended of God to be understood and to guide us on the road to heaven. It is in the books of Daniel and the Revelation, so frequently the basis of the sermons at our evangelistic meetings, that we find some of the most glorious passages descriptive of Christ's power and coming kingdom. We focus on the opening words of the Revelation: "The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him, to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass." Rev. 1:1. We turn the hearer's eyes upward to Christ walking amid the seven candlesticks (Rev. 1:13), to Christ "a Lamb as it had been slain" (Rev. 5:6), to Christ as "King of kings, and Lord of lords" (Rev. 19:16) coming to set up His everlasting kingdom. When we preach from the prophetic book of Daniel we climax with the vision of the 2300 days of Daniel 8: 14, which includes the seventy-weeks prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27. And it is this prophecy, so central to Adventist theology, that provides one of the most irrefutable proofs that the Christ of Bethlehem was indeed "Messiah the prince," whom "Moses and all the prophets" had foretold. How could we more highly honor Christ?" (Nichol, "Answers to Objections" 199.)

Title Source AuthorTypeSize
The Kingdom Bible Adventism James White
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The Great Image, Daniel 2 Bible Doctrines O. A. Johnson
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The Prophetic History of the World Bible Footlights Anonymous
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The Second Chapter of Daniel Bible Handbook Stephen N. Haskell
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From Nebuchadnezzar's Kingdom to Christ's Bible Lectures Albert Mitchell
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Of the Vision of the Image Composed of Four Metals Observations on Daniel Isaac Newton
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Daniel's Prophecy Drama of the Ages W. H. Branson
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The Kingdom and the King Eden to Eden J. H. Waggoner
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The Time of Setting up the Kingdom Eden to Eden J. H. Waggoner
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Peace or Pieces Evangelistic Lectures J. L. Shuler
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The Metallic Image Facts for the Times G. I. Butler
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World Powers in Prophecy Fundamentals of Bible Doctrine A. J. Weaner
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When God Unites the Nations God Speaks to Modern Man A. E. Lickey
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Will the Nations Ever Unite? God's Answers to Your Questions R. D. Vine
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The Anarchy of Nations God's Good News W. L. Emerson
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The Way of Nations Revealed God's Way Out for Us A. Warren
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Introduction to the Book of Daniel Prophecy Seminar Bible Study Seminars Unlimited

020 MB

A Daring Prophecy Proves True Know Your Bible Pacific Press
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The Next Universal Empire Last Day Events Signs Publishing
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The Parable of the Shut Door Last Day Events Signs Publishing

056 KB

Will One Power Rule the World? The Living Witness Arthur Maxwell
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Daniel 2 Notes on Daniel Alfred Kranz
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The Vision of the Image Composed of Four Metals Observations on Daniel Sir Isaac Newton
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Struck with Divine Justice On the Eve of Armageddon Carlyle B. Haynes
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Our Day in the Light of Bible Prophecy Search for Certainty It is Written
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Prophetic Outline of the World's History Our Day in the Light of Bible Prophecy W. A. Spicer
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Daniel 2: Kingdoms of this World PEACE Bible Studies PEACE
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The Hinge of Time Planet in Rebellion George Vandeman
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Prophetic Symbols Revealed Unsealing Daniel's Mysteries Mark Finley
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A New World Order Revelation Speaks Peace It is Written
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A Controversy Between Truth and Error Story of Daniel the Prophet S. N. Haskell
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Commentary on the Book of Daniel: Chapter 2 Commentary on the Book of Daniel Robbie Berghan
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The March of Nations Take Your Bible and Go Forth George Burnside
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The Book of Daniel SDA Bible Commentary Chapter 2 SDA
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The Good News about the Future Good News for Today Good News for Today
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Divisions and Dissensions This Mighty Hour Arthur Maxwell
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Uncanny Predictions Life's Vital Answers AUC Resources
The Kingdom of the Stone What Jesus Said H.M.S. Richards
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Will there Soon Be One World Government? These Last Days Ken LeBrun
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God's Blueprint of History /Anarchy-of-Nations God Answers Your Questions W. L. Emerson
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How God Unfolds the Future What the Bible Says UPM
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