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    Bible Handbook, Ancient Spiritualism Modern Spiritualism - Stephen N Haskell
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    Christian Beliefs, Spiritism - T H Jemison
    Drama of the Ages, Great Deception The - W H Branson
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    Facts of Faith, Miracle Working Power A - Christian Edwardson
    Friendly Bible Talks, Spiritualism - W Bartlett
    Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh day Adventists, Spiritualism
    Fundamentals of Bible Doctrine, Satans Masterpiece Spirits of Devils Working Miracles - AJ Weaner 1931
    God Answers Your Questions, Spiritualism Ancient and Modern - W L Emmerson
    God Speaks to Modern Man, Can the Dead Communicate with the Living? - A E Lickey
    God's Answers to Your Questions, How Does the Devil Work - R D Vine
    God's Good News, Image to the Beast An - W L Emmerson
    Great Controversy, The Snares of Satan - EGW
    Great Controversy, The Spiritualism - EGW
    Handbook of SDA Theology, Occult and Spiritualism, The
    Know Your Bible, Is There Hope in Spiritualism? - Pacific Press
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    Our Firm Foundation, Part 1 Test of Fulfilled Predictions - SDA Church
    Our Firm Foundation, Part 2 Rise of Spiritualism - SDA Church
    Planet in Rebellion, Masquerade of the Psychic - George Vanderman
    Planet in Rebellion, Two Types of Healing - George Vanderman
    Take Your Bible and Go Forth, Spiritualism - George Burnside
    This Mighty Hour, Spread Spiritualism, The - Arthur Maxwell
    While it is Day, Spiritual Forces Behind Armageddon - CJ Ritchie